Mary Chen

10 Facts about me that my parents probably do not even know (v2.0)

1. 20 years old, design student, struggling between sleep, social life, work and school. 

2. I got into photography through taking people's Facebook profile pictures, nothing inspiring. Sorry. 

3. I have never tried mac and cheese in my entire life. Im serious. (Update: Tried it 2 days ago, it was life changing)

4. My first dream career was to become a cashier because I believed pressing those beeping buttons on the cash register can be the most exciting thing ever. 

5. I hate milk. 

6. Huge food junkie. Especially love Korean, Japanese and Indian cuisines.

7. My diet plan never lasts, neither do my new year resolutions. 

8. People always asks me if I'm mad but I just suffer from NBF (natural bitch face) 

9. My close friends thinks I'm mentally unstable most of the time. (Because I'll literally laugh at everything, even your really bad jokes...i promise.) 

10. Definitely not a normal 20 year old. 

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